The week I wrestled a shark

Day 5

I am back on the yacht and very happy to be looking back on yesterday thinking that it wasn’t that bad. Now I have a great story to tell. Well… I guess that’s exactly what i’m doing. The doctor said my leg will be back to normal in about 3 to 5 months. untill then I will not have anything else to tell. This is the story of the time I wrestled a Great white and won the battle with a little help.


Here’s a picture of what the shark looked like. (minus the eye in my pocket)

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The week I wrestled a shark

Day 4


fredd pushed me into the ocean I started swimming instantly but was still laughing. The captain was alerted in 2 minutes and started to turn around but it was to late as there was a shark circling me. I tried to make myself look big but then it attacked. I grabbed the nose before it could bite me as the shark pushed me with its nose. In a blink of an eye it got my leg so I grabbed its eye and started pulling. The shark wouldn’t give up as I took its eye out.

The ship finally came around, the shark tried taking me away from the ship but lucky the guards had guns and began shooting. They shot its nose but the bullet went completely through and hit my leg. It did scare the shark enough to make it run though and it left a tooth behind. The tooth was in my leg all the excitement and adrenalin. It didn’t really hurt so I decided to take out the tooth and pocketed.  I put the eye of the shark  in a jar with water. By the time I got back on the ship it was dark. The medical team was done with my leg I told my friends, I even told fredd that I was still up for some fun like going to dinner and all that stuff.

The week I wrestled a shark


Day 3

The others and i decided to go to the pool and then to the gaming hall and check it out because we are all gamer’s with a passion for all types of games a systems except PS3 and ps4


Swimming was fun but the gaming hall was better it was like a arcade. Freddy and I started betting $10 a game on table tennis. I let him win 3 games and then started playing for real and beat him 6 times. That’s $30 for me , he was salty and was very upset so i used some of the money i won to buy everyone ice cream.


Onto the basketball courts, we found some people to play a 5 on 5 with and started betting money. We beat them out of $500. They were good sports tho and shook our hands. Everyone got $95 and I got $120 because they said I did all the work. I tried to convince them that i didn’t do anything because team work makes a dream work. After they finally started believing me John said that I should still have the extra money since I’m always getting

The week I wrestled a shark

Day 2


Today was pretty simple as we were all still getting settled and checking out the ship and what activities they had on here.


This ship is so amazing, it has basketball courts, a gaming center, a lot of shops , and multiple places to eat.


The day is almost over and I’ve seen the rest of the ship. My friends and I made a bet, we all are staying up all night ( hitting an all nighter) and whoever goes to sleep has to pay everyone $5.


Sorry today was short so I promise to document everything starting tomorrow.


The Week I wrestled a shark


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Day 1

I’m making my way onto the yacht  

I was with 4 other friends, it was a breezy Wednesday and it made me feel like it was gonna be just the perfect cruise. We all got rooms next to each other and we planned to do a lot of things on this cruise. We were in those  top rooms   we have been waiting for a long time though so everyone went to there rooms settled in and took naps. At 10,  we all went to go get dinner and then go back to our rooms to sleep. But before that we went to the Jacuzzi, then went straight to the rooms to sleep.


We started here

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